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BlueScale Directors

Alison Walker

Director of Sales & Marketing

As the Director of Sales, Alison’s primary responsibility is the creation, implementation, and execution, of the sales and marketing strategies at BlueScale. Alison has a holistic approach to business, coupled with an ability to understand technology and its relevance to organisational improvement. Her combined passion and knowledge for what technology has the capability of achieving for businesses in all verticals, whilst increasing customer centricity, is a rarity. As such, she has forged strong relationships when consulting within the B2B space throughout her career in both sales executive and business management roles. Alison is a savvy and astute business operator and an excellent brand ambassador. A transparent and trusted advisor to the clients and partners she interacts with, her ‘outside-in’ approach is also crucial to the internal strategic decision making on products, services, processes, and opportunities along with the founders of BlueScale.

Ali’s integrity and loyalty are traits that are not only valued highly in her personal life and professional circles, but align perfectly with the BlueScale mission.

Damien Hogan

Co-Founder & Director
As co-founder, Damien is driven to make BlueScale the IT provider every organisation is searching for – trusted, innovative, flexible, responsive and honest, through BlueScale’s ongoing evangelical commitment to service.

Peng Chen

Co-Founder & Director
A co-founder of BlueScale, Peng brings over twenty years of IT experience to the organisation. A natural strategic and systematic thinker, Peng has developed great insight into how to combine technologies, organisational processes and people to provide the right solution to clients of different sizes. Peng strongly believes in the good nature of people and of fair, honest business practice.