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By now most of our customers have heard about the latest Windows Creators update, but many of you may not realise some of the shiny new features available with these updates that will help efficiency within your organisation. Here are some of our favourites:

The People App

You might have noticed a new button populating your taskbar recently. With Windows 10 we welcome the People App. The People App is a way to keep your contacts even closer. You can sync your Windows contacts or Skype contacts directly to the taskbar so that they are only a click away. You can even receive animated emoji’s directly from Skype. Keep this open as Microsoft looks to further integrate other App support

Edge evolves into a better PDF reader

The Edge browser that was packaged with Windows 10 may have been pesky to begin with, but some nifty updates have turned Edge in a contender with many options at your finger tips. No more forking out for expensive licenses to 3rd party tools. The default browser with Windows has the tools to edit and update PDF forms built right in. Other tools include Markup, Layout Manipulation, Signing and Cortana definition. Just be a bit careful: If you save the PDF within Edge, it’s still editable, and any field or data that you can manipulate could also be edited by whoever receives the PDF. Instead, to lock the PDF into read-only mode, you’ll need to “Print to PDF” and then save that file

The humble calculator has been updated

Not only do you have the ability to switch between Standard and Scientific calculators.  It now comes inbuilt with a range of tools and converters including an up to date currency convertor. Simply hit the 3 lines to change to your desired tool.


Continue working from your phone…

There is a new section in Settings to link your Android or iOS device Under Settings > Phone, Sign in with your Microsoft account to link your phone Get mobile versions of your favourite apps for iPhone or Android. After installing them and signing in on your phone you’ll be able to unlock easier ways to pick up where you left off on your phone and PC.

Sharing from your file explorer

You are now able to send and share documents and pictures directly from the folder you are in. Simply right click whatever you need to, and hit Share.

…This will take you to the all new Share feature. Be sure to link your apps for the most support.


We have complied a comprehensive list of the updates and how you can maximise their use. To find out more, simply visit and enter your details in our contact us page