Your IT Department

Acting as your virtual IT department, BlueScale can support and manage your complete IT requirements, whilst providing your business with the insight to take advantage of emerging technology trends.


Get expert management for selected components of your IT environment. Reduce your operational risks by outsourcing the management of your complex systems and/or non-core activities, such as directory and email management, backup, network, storage and patching.

Advice and Projects

Need targeted assistance? BlueScale can help your business to understand the evolving IT landscape and your own problems and opportunities. And when it comes time to implement, our experienced technical engineers will ensure your IT investment delivers business value.

IT Assets

BlueScale provides comprehensive procurement support for hardware, software and IT services. Get the advice you need to acquire the right assets for your business. Understand your licensing; manage your warranties and technical support.

Latest From The Blog

  • Sustainable IT Investment

Sustainable IT Investment

  • November 2nd, 2014

The industry average for ICT (Information and Communications Technology) spending for small to medium businesses is about 3-5% of revenue. This figure includes all hardware, software and data, voice and IT support services. For larger enterprises, where information is often used as a differentiator for competitive advantage, spending is about 5-7%, mostly due to custom application development […]

  • Amazon for Offsite Backups

Amazon for Offsite Backups

  • November 2nd, 2014

Competition between Australian ISPs is finally making Amazon’s offsite backup a realistic option for many SMBs. Until very recently the internet connectivity required to transfer a typical SMB’s backup to the cloud has been too expensive, so most businesses have continued to use tapes or USBs to protect their data. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with this physical approach – sometimes known as moving data via “sneakernet”  – but it requires manual effort and careful monitoring to ensure that it actually takes place every day.

To give you an idea of how far and how fast prices have dropped, the current fibre offering from TPG provides speeds of 100Mbps upload/download with unlimited data for $299 per month with a one-time $5000 setup fee. Unfortunately, the TPG service is not available in every location, but many Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane CBD locations have access. Other providers are also dropping their prices to compete, but TPG appears to be the leader for now. […]

  • Your Last Line of Data Security

Your Last Line of Data Security

  • September 30th, 2014

In Information System we often refer to data backup as the last line of defence. This is because backup system is typically at arms length from your live data, and offline for many organisations. It is therefore shielded from hackers, system corruption and malware attacks. Recently one of customers had a Cryptolocker virus attack that […]


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